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373 Park Avenue South, 2nd Floor, New York NY 10016

In business‌,‌ I am driven by two things — building value through knowledge and improving the world through investment‌.‌ ‌Aegis is where I translate these passions into reality.

Aegis Ventures Chairman, Bill Schoenfeld

Aegis Ventures draws on decades of experience executing $20B of global transactions since Bill Schoenfeld's founding of ‌A‌PL Group in 1994‌.‌

Aegis Advantage

  • Differentiated Skillset & Philosophy

    While building businesses is equal parts art and science‌,‌ we have found that many elements of the venture creation process are identifiable and replicable — and can be learned by a broad array of talented individuals‌.‌ Our venture creation playbook is founded on the expertise we have formed in other asset classes and is built on the understanding that success depends upon our ability to cultivate exceptional talent across the studio‌.‌

  • Financial Strength & Flexibility

    All of our capital is internal‌,‌ and we are free to invest in the time and manner we see fit‌.‌ With no predetermined time horizon for realizing returns‌,‌ we are empowered to pursue long‑term‌,‌ structural theses in high‑magnitude opportunities‌.‌ Freed from the burdens of fundraising‌,‌ the full breadth of our focus is devoted to the advancement of our portfolio companies and the improvement of our platform‌.‌

  • Incisive Risk Management

    A‌egis's unified risk framework aims to identify‌,‌ track‌,‌ and execute upon distinct risk reduction milestones that maximize upside potential and minimize downside exposure‌.‌ This analytical rigor allows our entrepreneurs to develop a disciplined‌,‌ methodical approach to venture creation‌ to vet and validate ideas with greater efficiency and effectiveness‌.‌

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