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Our Focus Areas

We are driven by the mission to build companies that solve society's greatest problems, informed by the belief that the nexus of profits and purpose will create a virtuous cycle of impact that moves the world forward.

Aegis has refined its focus into three high opportunity areas — selected for their unique combination of rapid growth profiles‌,‌ potential for vast impact‌,‌ and suitability for partnerships that allow us to address long‑standing frictions and enable enduring competitive advantage‌.‌

Our Focus Areas

  • Health and Wellness

    We believe that CO‌V‌ID‑19 has exposed the pressing need to better align innovative technology and new care approaches across the full continuum of healthcare‌.‌ We pursue ventures that optimize the tradeoffs between quality‌,‌ access‌,‌ and cost‌. We focus on innovations that promote seamless continuity of care‌,‌ patient empowerment‌,‌ and better‑informed clinical decision‑making‌.‌

  • Data and Automation

    A‌s ‌A‌I engineering costs have steadily decreased over the past decade‌,‌ access to high‑quality data has emerged as the main bottleneck to developing effective ‌A‌I systems‌.‌ We believe that the future of ‌A‌I and automation hinges on the accessibility of large‑scale‌,‌ balanced‌,‌ and generalizable data‌.‌ ‌A‌ccordingly‌,‌ we are focused on creating and aggregating diverse data sources to train unprecedented models that address pervasive issues across industries‌.‌

  • Digital Health and Health Technologies

    A‌egis employs a systematic approach to ideating‌,‌ sourcing‌,‌ developing and launching digital health and health technology innovations that address critical‌,‌ high value issues that patients and healthcare providers face‌.‌ We prioritize innovative technologies and solutions that break through traditional care barriers to reshape the healthcare landscape‌.‌ We are particularly passionate about supporting clinicians and scientists working on solutions that have transformative potential, but are structurally underfunded‌ — enabling our capital and expertise to catalyze extraordinary impact‌.‌

Our Companies

  • HumeData and Automation
  • AscertainDigital Health and Health Technologies
  • Stealth CompanyDigital Health and Health Technologies
    • HumeData and Automation

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