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Our Venture Creation Strategies

  • Co-Creation

    Aegis partners with industry leaders to co-create new companies that address their most pressing challenges. We embrace the complexities of navigating large organizations and collaborate with corporate partners to pioneer solutions to long-standing obstacles. 

    We drive the creation process — from ideation to development and on to commercialization — combining our operational strength and flexible capital with our partners’ domain expertise.

  • Special Situations

    Our network provides access to unique opportunities across industries and geographies. Within special situations, we target high value scientific discoveries, new ways of harnessing existing technologies, and international startups looking to break into new markets. 

    When we identify a high potential prospect, our internal team conducts in-depth research and sources support from subject matter experts. We negotiate joint ventures that put partners' interests first and fully align long-term incentives.

  • Internal Ideation

    Our track record as a leader in other asset classes provides a unique vantage point into venture building, enabling us to identify solutions to key problems we can build companies around. 

    Consistent with how we have innovated in other business lines, we only pursue ideas in which we have a long-term, thematic view on the sector's growth potential and strong conviction in our ability to generate a defensible competitive edge.

  • Entrepreneur in Residence

    The discoveries that most profoundly transform the world are often conceived by scientists and innovators with highly-specialized expertise. However, many of these individuals lack the support needed to bring their breakthrough discoveries to the world. 

    We bring these inventions to market by enabling world-class scientists to stay focused on their research — supporting them with the capital, commercial, and entrepreneurial resources they need to realize the full potential of their innovations.

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Systematic Value Creation

Our methodical‌,‌ hands‑on approach to building businesses centers on phasing capital outlays around the attainment of technical‌,‌ legal‌,‌ and commercial value creation milestones‌.‌ These milestones are tailored to isolate operational complexities‌,‌ minimize downside exposure‌,‌ and maximize asymmetric upside potential‌.‌

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